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Education; Teaching

Effort to make processes and policies visible to outside interested parties, e. G. External examiners, quality control committees, and the general public.

ای میل

Education; Teaching

A form of messages delivered over a network of communications computers; typically these messages are text but may include images and hyperlinks.

کام کا

Education; Teaching

The amount of work assigned to a person during a specific time period.

لفظ طول

Education; Teaching

Total number of words required for an essay, thesis or written report.

لفظ دیوار

Education; Teaching

A selected collection of words posted on a wall that is arranged in lists or groups to facilitate students familiarity with common sight words.

ویب پیج

Education; Teaching

Hypertext document that include text, images, and hyperlinks.

ویب سایٹ

Education; Teaching

A collection of web pages organized around one theme or managed by a single organization.

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