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عہدے کا اندازہ

Education; Teaching

Assessment of a portfolio intended to judge the students development and current state of knowledge and skills.


Education; Teaching

Collection of work completed by a person over time to demonstrate abilities and competencies.

ویب ماسٹر

Education; Teaching

Individual charged with the responsibility for developing, managing and maintaining an Internet site.

پیشہ ورانہ نصاب

Education; Teaching

Classes focusing on the development of trade or business skills.

عملی یونیورسیٹیاں

Education; Teaching

Institutions of higher education that do not have a physical location but offer courses via online learning.


Education; Teaching

The degree to which an investigation accurately assesses the specific idea a researcher is investigating.


Education; Teaching

Fundament beliefs and principles about what is important to a person, professional, or discipline.

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