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علاقائی جال

Education; Teaching

Groups of individuals involved in common area of interest or research who will within a limited geographical area.


Education; Teaching

1) Commonly used source of information on a topic; see also resource. 2) Documentation of sources referred to in a written document.

حاصل علم

Education; Teaching

End result of a process of learning; what one has learned.

سوالی بینک

Education; Teaching

A set of questions on a subject used either for study/review or for drawing questions used on an examination.

م بعد تجزیہ

Education; Teaching

Statistical procedure for integrating the results of different studies.


Education; Teaching

1) Mass communication enterprises including print (newspapers, magazines) or broadcast (radio, television) 2) Individuals employed in the communications industry.

حقیقی مرکز مباحثہ

Education; Teaching

virtual=ficticious, forums for discussion, are forums online for discussion, thus virtual ones

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