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ویڈیو فائل

Education; Teaching

Video and audio images stored in computer files.

علم کا تبادلہ

Education; Teaching

Ability to apply knowledge and skills learned in one area to another context or problem.

ٹیم محاسبہ

Education; Teaching

evaluation of groups, or group evaluation, or evaluation of performance of a group/team

نظام وقت

Education; Teaching

Methods and techniques to ensure one makes the most effect appropriate use of his/her time.

ہم وقت ترسیل

Education; Teaching

Communication that occurs in real time between participants who may or may not be in the same location. Contrasted with asynchronous communication.

ہنر مطالعہ

Education; Teaching

Sets of skills associated with an individual's ability to learn, including note taking, time management, and study planning.

نقل کردار

Education; Teaching

Learning process in which participants act out the roles of other individuals in order to develop particular skills and to meet particular learning objectives.

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