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ترغیب سیاق و سباق

Education; Teaching

The attempt to provide a setting where students are motivated to learn; can be achieved in various ways such as encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning, being involved in ...

منتقل تصویر ماہرین کی ٹیم

Education; Teaching

1) Standard format for compressing and storing digital video and audio. 2) Any file using the MPEG format.

متعدد پسند سوالات

Education; Teaching

Test format where students are provided several possible answers and must identify the best possible answer.

حقیقی دارا لتجربا

Education; Teaching

Computer-based learning experience where individuals are able to simulate experiments completed in a traditional laboratory.

حقیقی تعلیمی فضا

Education; Teaching

Computer- and Internet-based learning environments created using websites.

استعمال کنندہ کا گروپ

Education; Teaching

Groups of individuals who meet to share information about technology and computer-related activities, often to aid each other solve problems.

ویڈیو کانفرنس

Education; Teaching

Discussion between two or more people who can see and hear each other using video equipment and transmissions over telephone lines or the Internet.

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