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Education; Teaching

Goals or aims of learning activity or lesson.

مقصد ٹیسٹ

Education; Teaching

Test based on answers that require students demonstrate a knowledge or skill exactly with no opportunity for judgment by the evaluator.

نیٹ ورک

Education; Teaching

Attempt to connect with individuals in a similar area of work in order to engage in informal communication for mutual assistance or support.


Education; Teaching

The connection between symbols and sounds that form the basis of speech.

نیٹ ورک سیکھنے کا ماحول

Education; Teaching

Learning environment based on a network of communication and information technologies.

غیر پرنٹ میڈیا

Education; Teaching

Communication enterprises that do not produce paper publications, e. G. Radio or television stations.

معیاری حوالہ

Education; Teaching

Assessment based on a comparison of raw scores from a given assignment; opposed to criterion referencing.

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