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مقامی زبان

Education; Teaching

The first language learned and spoken by individuals based on their culture, country, and/or family.

عالمی ویب

Education; Teaching

A sub-portion of the Internet where text, images, and video are accessed; what most people refer to as the Internet.

کھلا سیکھنے کی اشیاء

Education; Teaching

it is stuff/material designed for learning from distance/open learning

کھلی کتاب امتحان

Education; Teaching

Examination format that allows to access resource materials while completing the examination.

کھلی تعلم

Education; Teaching

Learning environment that has no formal requirements for admission. See also flexible learning.


Education; Teaching

Ability to remove personal feelings or presuppositions in assessing learning or other areas.

ان لاین تعلم

Education; Teaching

Educational environment that exists in cyberspace using communications tools such as email, chatrooms readings on the Internet, and/or video conferencing.

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