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Of or relating to the fees charged by a government on a product, income, or activity; and also to the system by which they are successfully levied.

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مشتبہہ کھاتہ کے لئے الاونس

Accounting; Tax

An offset, or contra account, to accounts receivable to reflect the estimated collection losses on outstanding accounts receivable The allowance reduces revenue Such an allowance is generally not ...

الاونس کا طریقہ

Accounting; Tax

A method of recording collection losses based on estimates before the actual determination that the business will be unable to collect such losses For example, at the end of the year a company will ...

امریکی طرز کے اختیارات

Accounting; Tax

An option exercisable at any time between the purchase and expiration date

کساد بازاری

Accounting; Tax

This is similar to straight-line depreciation, allowing a business or individual to write off an expenditure over a number of years Amortization generally applies to intangible assets For example, ...

تشخیص کے حقوق

Accounting; Tax

The rights of shareholders in a merger or acquisition by another party to demand payment at a fair price determined by an independent appraisal Often raised by minority shareholders in close ...

مضامین مشمولات

Accounting; Tax

Document to be filed in most states with the secretary of state or similar authority of a state by the founders of the corporation specifying such items as the name, location, nature of the business, ...

تنظیم کے مضامین

Accounting; Tax

Similar to Articles of Incorporation, but the document filed with the secretary of state or similar authority of a state by the founders of an limited liability company (LLC) It is also known as ...

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