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Social media is the medium through which internet users can contact and share information over the internet.

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Social media

علامتی تشدد

Sociology; Social media

Also referred to as "soft" violence, symbolic violence accounts for the tacit almost unconscious modes of cultural/social domination occurring within the every-day social habits maintained over ...

علامتی دارالحکومت

Sociology; Social media

In sociology and anthropology, symbolic capital can be referred to as the resources available to an individual on the basis of honor, prestige or recognition, and functions as an authoritative ...

معیار - قدر

Sociology; Social media

Social norms are the behaviors and cues within a society or group.

عوامی اعمال

Sociology; Social media

Mimetic isomorphism in organization theory refers to an organization to adopt another organization's structure by imitating it believing that the structure of the actual organization is beneficial.

خیالی - تصوّراتی

Sociology; Social media

An imaginary, or social imaginary is the set of values, institutions, laws, and symbols common to a particular social group and the corresponding society.


Sociology; Social media

Identity is an umbrella term used throughout the social sciences to describe a person's conception and expression of their individuality or group affiliations (such as national identity and cultural ...

ہنجار سازی

Sociology; Social media

Normalization refers to social processes through which ideas and actions come to be seen as "normal" and become taken-for-granted or 'natural' in everyday life.

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