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Poetry is a form of literary art making use of rythmic and aesthetic qualities of language to evoke meanings. Poetry has a long history evolving from folk music.

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مرد کی شاعری

Literature; Poetry

A rhyme occurring in words of one syllable or in an accented final syllable, such as light and sight or arise and surprise.


Literature; Poetry

Poetic rhythm or cadence as determined by the syllables in a line of poetry with respect to quantity and accent; also, meter; also, a metrical foot.

گیت آیت

Literature; Poetry

One of the main groups of poetry, the others being narrative and dramatic. By far the most frequently used form in modern poetic literature, the term lyric includes all poems in which the speaker's ...


Literature; Poetry

A unit in the structure of a poem consisting of one or more metrical feet arranged as a rhythmical entity.

ہلکی نثر

Literature; Poetry

A loose catch-all term describing poetry written with a relaxed attitude and ordinary tone on trivial, mundane, or frivolous themes. It is intended to amuse and entertain and is frequently ...

فہرست نظم

Literature; Poetry

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بے ٹکا مخمّس

Literature; Poetry

A light or humorous verse form of five chiefly anapestic verses of which lines one, two and five are of three feet and lines three and four are of two feet, with a rhyme scheme of aabba. The ...

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