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Drama; Opera

A simple musical form, also known as ’canon’ or ’catch’ in which several voices sing a melody each beginning in succession after a certain interval of time.


Drama; Opera

A series of notes arranged in descending or ascending order of pitch.


Drama; Opera

The base note of the main scale used in a piece of music. Music in the key of ‘g’, for example, has the sound of being based on the note g and often returns to g as a home note..


Drama; Opera

In regard to opera singing, refers to ‘loudness’.


Drama; Opera

A light to medium-weight voice, capable of both sustained, forceful singing and delicate effects.

نشان ڈھی

Drama; Opera

A practice used by singers to conserve their voices in rehearsals. Either singing an octave up or down in order not to sing extremely high or low, or in a light quality to avoid singing strenuously ...


Drama; Opera

A group of beats marked off by a bar line, also referred to as bar.

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