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حصول زبان

Language; Grammar

The process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive, produce and use words to understand and communicate. This capacity involves the picking up of diverse capacities including syntax, ...

تجزیہ مباحث

Language; Grammar

Analysis of speech units larger than the sentence and of their relationship to the contexts in which they are used.

اعصابی لسانیات

Language; Grammar

The study of the neural mechanisms in the human brain that control the comprehension, production, and acquisition of language.

تقابلی ادب

Language; Grammar

Critical scholarship dealing with the literature of two or more different linguistic, cultural or national groups.

لسانی ترقی

Language; Grammar

A process starting early in human life, when a person begins to acquire language by learning it as it is spoken and by mimicry.

لسانی بشریات

Language; Grammar

A branch of anthropology that brings linguistic methods to bear on anthropological problems, linking the analysis of semiotic and particularly linguistic forms and processes to the interpretation of ...

تقابلی لسانیات

Language; Grammar

A branch of historical linguistics that is concerned with comparing languages to establish their historical relatedness.

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