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General sociology

General terms relating to the study of society.

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General sociology


Sociology; General sociology

The exercise of power through a process of persuasion. Informal norms 61 Norms that generally are understood but are not precisely recorded.

صنعتی شہر

Sociology; General sociology

A city characterized by relatively large size, open competition, an open class system, and elaborate specialization in the manufacturing of goods.

انفرادی نسل پرستی

Sociology; General sociology

Overt and direct forms of racism in which individuals hold extreme prejudices and act in discriminatory ways.

مثالی تہذیب

Sociology; General sociology

The beliefs, values, and attitudes that the members of a culture hold but do not necessarily follow.


Sociology; General sociology

A statement of prediction that sets forth the basis for testing the relationship between variables in an attempt to link theory to reality.

انسانی ماحولیات

Sociology; General sociology

An area of study concerned with the interrelationships between people and their spatial setting and physical environment.

ہم جنسی تعلقات

Sociology; General sociology

Refers to being emotionally and/or sexually attracted to the same sex.

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