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General sociology

General terms relating to the study of society.

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General sociology

سفید پوش جرم

Sociology; General sociology

Crimes committed by professionals and other white-collar workers.


Sociology; General sociology

An inclusive term encompassing all of a person's material assets, including land and other types of property.

غربت پر جنگ

Sociology; General sociology

A term used to describe an overall effort of the government through federal programs to eliminate poverty in the 1960s.

ووچر - پرچہ - پرچی

Sociology; General sociology

A grant of tax dollars allocated to parents for sending their children to the private or public school of their choice.

حقیقی مقام کار

Sociology; General sociology

Workplace that is linked electronically to anywhere in the world rather than physically to a specific site of operation.

شہری ماحولیات

Sociology; General sociology

An area of study that focuses on the interrelationships between people and their environment.

ٹوٹم پرستی

Sociology; General sociology

A religious belief of many preliterate societies where animals were seen as both gods and ancestors.

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