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General sociology

General terms relating to the study of society.

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General sociology


Sociology; General sociology

An activity that produces something of economic value.

تجزیہ نظام عالمی

Sociology; General sociology

Immanuel Wallerstein's view of the global economic system as divided between certain industrialized nations that control wealth and developing countries that are controlled and exploited.

صفر آبادی افزائش

Sociology; General sociology

The state of a population with a growth rate of zero, achieved when the number of births plus immigrants is equal to the number of deaths plus emigrants.

عمودی حرکیات

Sociology; General sociology

The movement of a person from one social position to another of a different rank.

خود غرضانہ مفاد

Sociology; General sociology

Veblen's term for those people or groups who will suffer in the event of social change and who have a stake in maintaining the status quo.

سفید پوش جرم

Sociology; General sociology

Crimes committed by affluent individuals or corporations in the course of their daily business activities.

سفید نسل

Sociology; General sociology

Those who identify their ancestry as originating in nations predominately populated by white people.

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