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General physics

Terms realting to physics that are not fit for other subcategories.

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General physics

تحرک کی برقراریت کا قانون

Physics; General physics

In the absence of external forces, the total momentum of a group of interacting objects remains constant.

روشنی - سال

Physics; General physics

The distance traveled by light through empty space in one year, it is equal to 9.46 x 1012 km.

طولی بگاڑ

Physics; General physics

The ratio of change in length of a body to its initial length.

طولی لہر

Physics; General physics

The particles of the medium oscillate in the direction of propagation of the wave.


Physics; General physics

The total amount of energy radiated each second from the surface of a source.

لایمیں سلسلہ

Physics; General physics

A group of lines in the ultraviolet region in the spectrum of hydrogen.

مقناطیسی علاقہ

Physics; General physics

Small regions in permanent magnets within which atomic or molecular magnetic moments are aligned parallel.

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