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General philosophy

Terms that relate to philosophy, yet do not fit other specific categories.

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General philosophy


Philosophy; General philosophy

In ethics and politics, the view that ethical judgements are descriptive and objective when properly made: that ethical terms could be replaced by obviously descriptive terms, as utilitarianism ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Traditionally, the attempt to determine what general sorts of things there are in the universe (particularly those of a basic, non-reducible sort). But to do this is also to suggest a classification ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

The theory that the external world is fundamentally immaterial and a dimension of the mind. That is, reality is of the nature of mind or consciousness (non-material). There are many types of ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

The study of the most general truths -- those truths which are independent of any particular subject matter.


Philosophy; General philosophy

Those features of an object that make it the kind of object it is, as opposed to its accidents (e. G. A person’s ability to reason is an essential human feature, while hair color would be an ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Relating to the grounds of possible experience E. G. Kant thought that most of our pure rational knowledge is synthetic or priori, or transcendental. Thus Kant believed that geometry expresses the ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Going beyond any possible experience as opposed to immanent.

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