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General nature or nature terms.

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پس ساختیات

Literature; General

“After srtructualism” involving both critique and absorption. Poststructuralism absorbs structuralism's stress on the relational character of language and the production of significance through ...

تییار شدہ معنی

Literature; General

A set of ready-made perspectives, of symbol systems, of interpretative metaphors and guiding myths – of super-myths – with which to formulate and evaluate our personal and communal ones. They provide ...

نظام صادقہ

Literature; General

Configurations of knowledge that “count as truth” under determinate historical conditions.


Literature; General

Body of thought (derived from the study of language) that is concerned with the structures of signs that allow linguistic performance to be posssible. A structuralist understanding of culture is ...


Literature; General

In Derrida's reading of Plato in Dissemination, Derrida would agree with Plato's notion of writing as a supplement or as a pharmakon. As a supplement introduced to the body, the pharmakon is both at ...


Literature; General

The essential or constitutive process by which every sign is related to every other.

محرابی تحریر

Literature; General

Primal condition of everything that can be taken as having the condition of writing: all human expression and thought. The characteristics of arche-writing are such things as lack of origin, lack of ...

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