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Education & training

کمپیوٹر مشترکہ سیکھنے کی حمایت

Education; Education & training

Collaborative learning in which animation may be provided remotely by a tutor, or where the computer provides a means of asynchmous communication between the learners

اشتراکی آموز کاری

Education; Education & training

A situation in which students learn from each other rather than from a teacher or learning materials. This is particularly valuable for high level professionals. Animation may be provided by a ...

راهنمای مطالعه

Education; Education & training

Documentation intended to help a student learn successfully but not to teach him/her

مرکز آموزش

Education; Education & training

A room that has been purpose designed and specially equipped with a number of study positions where students can study open and distance learning packages in a good learning environment.

فون مدد لاین

Education; Education & training

Use of telephone for a communication between a student and a tutor or between a potential student and someone who can give advice or guidance. Also used for assistance given by telephone to ...

ذاتی مطالعہ

Education; Education & training

Study on one’s own, learning from materials often supported by a tutor, in contrast to working in a class or attending a lecture.

فاضل طبقہ

Education; Education & training

Arrangements where members of the class and their teacher or tutor are linked by a computer

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