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Economy; Economics

The main reason firms exist. In economic theory, profit is the reward for risk taken by enterprise, the fourth of the factors of production – what is left after all other costs, including rent, wages ...


Economy; Economics

The relationship between inputs and output, which can be applied to individual factors of production or collectively. Labor productivity is the most widely used measure and is usually calculated by ...

پیداوار تفاعل

Economy; Economics

A mathematical way to describe the relationship between the quantity of inputs used by a firm and the quantity of output it produces with them. If the amount of inputs needed to produce one more unit ...


Economy; Economics

A form of protectionism. A country imposes limits on the number of goods that can be imported from another country. For instance, France may limit the number of cars imported from Japan to, say, ...


Economy; Economics

Market failure? Not necessarily. Usually a queue reflects a price that is set too low, so that demand exceeds supply, so some customers have to wait to buy the product. But a queue may also be the ...

عوامی نجی

Economy; Economics

Using private firms to carry out aspects of government. This has become increasingly popular since the early 1980s as governments have tried to obtain some of the benefits of the private sector ...

عوامی افادیت

Economy; Economics

A firm providing essential services to the public, such as water, electricity and postal services, usually involving elements of natural monopoly. Food is essential, but because it is provided in a ...

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