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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

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Eastern philosophy

بودھ مت

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A philosophical tradition, founded by Gautama Siddhartha Buddha in the fifth century b. C. , that took on various forms as a religion and spread throughout Asia; Buddhism attempts to help the ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Founder of the most dominant system of Chinese thought, emphasized the perfectibility of people as well as their ability to affect things for the better.

ابو علی ابن سینہ

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A tenth-century Islamic thinker, felt that there is a parallelism between philosophy and theology.

صدر الدین ال شیرازی

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late sixteenth- and early-seventeenth-century thinker who was influenced by the mystical tendencies in Neo-Platonism, sought a return to the first principle of being.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late-fifteenth- and early-sixteenth-century Indian poet, was considered one of the great mystical poets in the tradition of Sufism.

ال غازی

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late eleventh-century and early-twelfth-century Islamic philosopher, attacked Avicenna regarding the eternity of the world and the reduction of religious law to a mere symbol of higher truths.

سدھارتھ گوتم بدھ

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

An Indian prince and founder of Buddhism, sought the causes of and cures for human suffering.

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