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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

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Eastern philosophy

چار عظیم حقیقت

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Buddha's answer to the central problem of life (1) There is suffering; (2) suffering has specific and identifiable causes; (3) suffering can be ended; (4) the way to end suffering is through ...

نو افلاطونیت

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A further development of Platonic philosophy under the influence of Aristotelian and Pythagorean philosophy and Christian mysticism; it flourished between the third and sixth centuries, stressing a ...

زین بودھ مت

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A form of Buddhism that reached its zenith in China and later developed in Japan, Korea, and the West; its name (Chinese Ch'an, Japanese Zen) derives from the Sanskrit dhyana (meditation). In early ...

ہندو مت

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The Western word for the religious beliefs and practices of the majority of the people of India.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The idea that your point of departure in life is determined by your decisions and deeds in earlier lives.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

In Chinese philosophy, the Way the ultimate and eternal principle of unity, meaning, and harmony in the universe.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

In Buddhism, the highest good; the extinction of will and of the accompanying ego, greed, anger, delusion, and clinging to existence. Achievement of nirvana means being freed from all future ...

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