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The scientific study of the nature and causes of crime, the behavior of criminals, and the criminal-justice system.

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ماہر نظام

Sociology; Criminology

Computer hardware and software which attempt to duplicate the decision-making processes used by skilled investigators in the analysis of evidence and in the recognition of patterns which such ...

زنا با الجبر

Sociology; Criminology

Carnal knowledge through the use of force or the threat of force, including attempts. Statutory rape (without force) is excluded. Both heterosexual and homosexual rape are included.


Sociology; Criminology

Are behavioral proscriptions covering potentially serious violations of a group's values, and would probably include strictures against murder, rape, and robbery. See also folkways.

کمپوٹر جرم

Sociology; Criminology

Any violation of a computer crime statute.

پیشہ وارانہ جرم

Sociology; Criminology

Any act punishable by law which is committed through opportunity created in the course of an occupation that is legal.

ثقافتی جنگ

Sociology; Criminology

A sociological perspective on crime which suggests that the root cause of criminality can be found in a clash of values between variously socialized groups over what is acceptable or proper behavior.


Sociology; Criminology

A shift of criminal activity from one spatial location to another.

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