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American history

کل جنگ

History; American history

As opposed to limited war, total war usually denotes a military conflict in which warfare ultimately affects the entire population, civilian as well as military. The American Civil War, at least in ...

ٹامس جیفرس

History; American history

The primary author of the Declaration of Independence, the first secretary of state, and the third president of the United States. As president, he was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase and the ...

نیا انداز

History; American history

President Eisenhower's adjustment to the doctrine of containment. He advocated saving money by emphasizing nuclear over conventional weapons, on the premise that the next major world conflict would ...

تاریخ پر سمندر کی طاقت کا اثر

History; American history

1890 book by Alfred Thayer Mahan that argued nations expand their world power through foreign commerce and a strong navy. Strongly influenced American politicians who advocated expansion.

١٨٧٩ کا مکان اصلاحات قانون

History; American history

A law that required all rooms to have access to light and air.

حملہ آور

History; American history

As American military and political leaders suggested victory in Vietnam was in sight, North Vietnam launched an offensive in January 1968 against every major South Vietnamese target. Although the ...

چینی لابی

History; American history

An informal group of media leaders and political pundits who criticized the communist takeover of China, claiming the United States could have prevented it.

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