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Alegra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations.

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اکائی - تماثل

Mathematics; Algebra

An equation that is true for all elements of its domain.

اکائی عنصر

Mathematics; Algebra

A number which added to or multiplied times any number in a set yields that same number in the set.

مماثل خاصیت

Mathematics; Algebra

There are real numbers 0 and I such that for each real number a, a + 0, 0 + a = a and a x 1 = 1 x a = a.

خیالی عدد

Mathematics; Algebra

A complex number that is not real.

صعودی تفاعل

Mathematics; Algebra

A function such that for any numbers a and b in the domain. if ''a > b'', then ''f(a) > f(b)''.

عزاز واقعہ

Mathematics; Algebra

Two events not affected by each other. Two events A and B are independent if and only if P(A and then B) P(A) x P(B).

آزاد متغیر

Mathematics; Algebra

If the value of a depends upon the value of b, or if a is usually defined in terms of b, b is called the independent variable, and it is graphed on the horizontal axis.

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