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Of of pertaining to any method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way, whether united in a system specific to a country or region.

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Medical; Herbal medicine

A watery evacuation of the bowels, without blood.


Medical; Implants and interventional materials

situated in the back of or in the back part of a structure opposite of anterior

در نصبیہ

Medical; Implants and interventional materials

surgically inserting an object or material into a body


Medical; Implants and interventional materials

denoting a position farther from the midline of the body or a structure

طبّی برقی حریت

Medical; Implants and interventional materials

application of currents of low tension and high amperage, which produce warmth in the deeper parts of the body; used particularly to promote muscle relaxation and to treat joint ...


Medical; Herbal medicine

Cramping or spasms of a smooth muscle tube, such as the uterus (menstrual cramps) the ureters (passing kidney stones) or the stomach (stomachache). Also called tenesmus.

غربالی جراثیم

Medical; Herbal medicine

Intestinal bacilli that are gram-negative, sugar-digesting, and both aerobic and anaerobic. They are usually from the family Enterobacteriaceae; Escherichia coli is the best known ...