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Cosmetics & skin care

Pertaining to products directly applied to the body, such as face powder or skin cream, that is intended to instantly beautify, or conceal imperfections.

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ضعیف ضبط

Medical; Herbal medicine

The inability to retain urine in the bladder for a reasonable length of time. It is can be caused by urethral irritation, loss of tone to the basement muscle of the bladder (the ...

بے حسی

Medical; Herbal medicine

A sluggish and unresolving condition, often with ulcerations and necrosis.

وبائی زکام

Medical; Herbal medicine

A specific type of acute viral respiratory infection, with one virus (many strains) and a short, nasty stay. A few thousand people die from it every year, but humans alive at ...

اربی عقدہ

Medical; Herbal medicine

Lymph nodes in the groin, next to the genitalia

فشل تعویض

Medical; Herbal medicine

The failure of the heart to maintain full and adequate circulation.


Medical; Herbal medicine

An agent that soothes internal membranes, traditionally separated from exernal soothing agents, emollients.

جلد شگاف

Medical; Herbal medicine

As spinal chord nerves branch out into the body, some segments fan out across the skin; these are the nerves that monitor the surface and are the source of senses of touch, pain, ...