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Hobbies; Crochet

It is an activity that people are doing more and more often. It comes from "window shopping" meaning that people go out just to look around malls and see articles (mainly clothes) ...


Technology; Information technology

Is a very important browser, according to the country it can be:


Personal life; Names

所谓晒客,译自英文share,社会新词语,就是把自己的淘宝收获、心爱之物,所有生活中的零件拿出来晒晒太阳。"晒"出来的真实故事更容易引起旁观者共鸣,实现网络和现实的融合。而换一个角度看"晒客",就能发现"晒客"的作用不止于此。五花八门的"晒客"信息,蕴含了更多的意义。 ...

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